Tuesday, May 26, 2015

~Come With Me To Savannah~

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend! Dear Hubby and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a romantic trip to Savannah. While Charleston is my all-time favorite city, Savannah ranks a close second.  I love the moss-covered trees!

Yesterday, we decided to take an early morning stroll around the historic district. Jones Street was my favorite. The weather was sunny and mild; and the area was very serene. I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures with you. 

This was the very first courtyard that we saw. We got lots of great ideas from this one! I loved all of the boxwood plants, along with the potted flowers. The jasmine was trained on an iron trellis above the doorway.

Even the large crepe myrtles were draped in moss! The fountain was so soothing.

I loved the iron gate on this little side entry...

I was also enamored with all of the red doors that I saw...

Here's another one...

And another...I am seriously thinking about changing my black door to red!

We also took a stroll to Forsyth Park. There was a cool breeze blowing and plenty of places to picnic. 

It was so romantic to stroll beneath the moss covered trees. (Wouldn't this be a beautiful place for a wedding?)

The Forsyth Park Fountain was the main attraction...

The Forsyth Park Inn was just across the street.

The neighboring homes were charming, as well.

We also visited a lot of the boutiques in the area. There were so many pretty things to see (and buy). But, since we are making some changes to our courtyard area this year, it's the gardens that really have me captivated.

I can't wait to get out tomorrow to see more of the city!
Hope you're having a great holiday weekend!


  1. Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary! What a nice place to go to celebrate. I can see why you were attracted to that courtyard and how they designed it. I've read that one meaning behind red doors is that they are a symbol of "welcome" to a home so you can't go wrong with red! The park and fountain are beautiful and I love the architecture of the homes. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. How pretty, Shenita. I've been wanting to visit Savannah forever and just haven't made it there yet. Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary my friend. Such a perfect spot to celebrate. The courtyards are beautiful. I'm anxious to see how you change yours. Enjoy your vacation. fondly ~lynne~

  4. Gorgeous! I lived in Savannah, but was very young. I would love to go back to visit. Happy Anniversary!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  5. I love Savannah. It's such a beautiful city. I've been there several times myself. I agree that looking at the old houses and gardens are the best part! Hope you continue to have a wonderful time there.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your tour of Savannah. I've always loved beautiful courtyards, and Savannah architecture is wonderful. Thank you for the tour.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! I have been to Savannah once, very briefly. Went via a ferry from Hilton Head so didn't get to see alot. I really want to go back. Thanks for the virtual tour!!!

  8. I'm jealous!! We love Savannah. Any time pictures like yours pop up you always know where it is. So beautiful!

  9. Shenita,
    Happy "25th" Wedding Anniversary, dear friend!!!
    I think it would be a novel idea to paint your black door red. . .
    a way to remember this lovely Anniversary Trip!!!
    The gardens are, indeed, lovely. . .
    but the fountains remind me of my childhood area Kansas City.
    The fountains on The Plaza were always a favorite of mine!!!
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful city and vacation spot with us!!!

  10. Happy Anniversary and what a great way to celebrate than to be in Savannah!....Have a great time and thanks of for the inspiration....gorgeous gardens and gorgeous homes...and the magnificent ironwork and gates always take my breath away!

  11. Happy Anniversary! I will be going to Savannah (for the first time) for a wedding in September. Now I am really looking forward to seeing it.

  12. Happy 25th Anniversary!

    Your pics of Savannah are awesome and I would have loved to walk the streets with you!

  13. Happy anniversary.Pictures are excellent.I like it.Keep sharing.
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  14. Two of the most enchanting cities in the world! I adore your post. I love the food there too!
    Happy happy anniversary! That is quite the accomplishment! Savor every moment of these charming buildings, walks and gardens.

  15. Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

  16. A wonderful tour of Savannah! Happy Anniversary!

  17. Happy 25TH!! Your pictures are beautiful & sounds like your trip was great! Charleston, SC, and the Isle of Palms just down the road, are two of our favorites places on earth. I agree that Savannah is also very charming & full of beauty itself. We love River Street too. Our oldest son honeymooned on Tybee Island in Oct & they loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Happy Anniversary! I would love to see Savannah, it looks gorgeous.

  19. Oh what a gorgeous place to visit. I have Savannah on my wish list. Happy Anniversary.


  20. Sweet and lovely Shenita, I'm sorry I've taken so long in visiting you back, but had so much on my hands and mind lately...but here I am visiting your wonderful blog I have missed for quite a while my friend.
    I love the South and yes, Savannah is a place I always wanted to go to. I think ever since I saw the first movie Gone with the Wind, lol.
    Thanks so very much for coming by and leaving me such great comment.
    Have a lovely week and a terrific Summer.

  21. Happy Anniversary, Shenita. You chose a beautiful location to celebrate.

  22. I love Savannah! I've only been to Charleston once, and I'm planning to go again and take my daughters. A friend, whose favorite city is Charleston even though she adores Savannah, too, told me that she's found it depends on which city -- Savannah or Charleston -- you visit first. That's the one that holds your heart the strongest. Gorgeous photos!

  23. Happy anniversary! I LOVE both Savannah and Charleston, but if I HAD to pick one of those cities to live in, it would be Savannah, because it's close to Tybee Island. If I worked in Savannah I would eat my lunch everyday in one of those lovely squares......sigh.....:)

  24. Happy Anniversary. Savannah and Charleston are both beautiful destinations. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I was in Savannah only once. It is a beautiful bright and clean city. I bet it has not changed a lot over the years. loved the pictures, a nice rememberance for me

  26. Gorgeous photos! Savannah is so beautiful, the homes are elegant and filled with tradition.
    I love those red doors, too!

  27. Beautiful photography. I love the architecture in Savannah and Charleston. Missing your updates and want to see if you decided to paint your door red. Contact me when you are coming thru and have time for lunch.

  28. Savannah is my favorite city to visit
    I always go to Back In The Day Bakery on Bull st for some home made pastries
    love all the homes and squares
    and I still love Paula Deen and eat at her restaurant

  29. I know it was a wonderful trip. Happy Anniversary. We are planning to go to Savannah as soon as we can get a nice weather week. Thanks for sharing your great photos, they make me want to go even more!

  30. I have missed you, girl....then, I come over here and see it's been a long time since you posted...I do pray everything is ok and you are just taking a loooong break.
    Take care...love, bj