Wednesday, April 15, 2015

~Spring in the Garden~

Wow, I can't believe how much time has gone by since my last post! I was caught up in my Spring cleaning; and then, the girls were home for Spring Break. They brought a few friends home; and we had a full house. It was so nice to have such lively spirits around for awhile. Now, our focus has shifted to sprucing up the outdoor areas. In my last post, I shared the courtyard at our local Restoration Hardware. This year, we are trying to change things up a bit. Lately, I have been obsessed with ivy and boxwood combos, in a courtyard setting. These are a few of the inspiration images that I had saved to my files...


As seen here, boxwoods also look great in a fall setting with mums and kale. They provide a nice touch of green throughout the winter months, as well.

Mums, ivy, and boxwood planters.  Classy and traditional windowboxes and garden.  coffeepearlsandpoetry

I have seen these next images pinned all over Pinterest; and I immediately recognized them from one of my favorite blogs...


Jan, at The French Tangerine, does a magnificent job with her signature pots of boxwood and ivy! Her backyard layout is very similar to ours, and has been a huge inspiration!


Dear Hubby scored some great boxwoods, last week, for $5! He planted several, around the perimeter of the yard, to create a new hedge. Then, we started a few in pots. These are the ones that are left. (There are about ten of them.) In the next few days, we will be potting these as well, with some ivy trailing out. We've also put out new rosemary and lavender plants; and Dear Hubby has started his vegetable garden. 

Dear Hubby also picked up a few pots of beautiful geraniums...

They add such a nice pop of color to the space. 
Also, as usual, with early Spring, the knockout roses are in full bloom...

As well as the clematis...

And the lamb's ears are spreading like crazy. In fact, we divided them and planted some in other areas. There's nothing like shopping your own backyard for free plants!

The potted pansies, from the fall, are still going strong...

And, I'm especially happy that this pot of mint has come back! There is nothing like a sprig of fresh mint, in a glass of iced tea!

With everything starting to bud, the pollen is crazy, right now. As soon as it settles down, we'll be able to hose everything down and really spruce up the space. Right now, we're just focused on getting the gardens cleaned up and everything planted.

What about you? Have you begun your spring planting yet?

Thanks, so much for stopping by! Hope you're having a great day!