Monday, February 23, 2015

~Dreaming of a Courtyard~

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! We've had such crazy weather here. For the past few days, we have been in the upper 60's and 70's. This morning, everything is covered in ice, following a winter storm overnight. So, what am I doing? Dreaming of Spring! On Valentine's Day, Dear Hubby accompanied me to two of my favorite shops, Williams-Sonoma and ZGallerie. While we were out, we decided to pop into Restoration Hardware, as well. The courtyard was so serene and beautiful, that we started making plans for Spring! Dear Hubby snapped these pics with his phone as inspiration...

Isn't the courtyard lovely? The ivy covered walls, the mirror, and the water feature were so pretty. I loved the boxwoods and the potted succulents, as well. I think we'll be doing lots of these this year! With the water restrictions in place, we need things that are pretty drought tolerant. They also had several rosemary plants. The scent was awesome!

In another section of the courtyard, was this sitting area. I loved all of the lanterns scattered about.

We are determined to copy the tree decor. I love the lanterns hanging from the branches, with ropes. Can't you just imagine the white lights, on the tree, all lit up at night?

There was also another seating area that featured this amazing light fixture...

I love how beautifully it has weathered...

I'm so excited for Spring!

Have you started making plans for your outdoor areas yet?