Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Featured!!! Open House Party at No Minimalist Here

Hello, everyone! Hope you're having a great day! I am so honored that 
Sherry, at No Minimalist Here
is so graciously featuring my home on her Open House Party this week! Please stop by and visit Sherry's beautiful blog!! She is a wonderful decorator and has such a gracious spirit!  Please stop by and link up your beautiful home decor, projects, crafts, garden and frugal finds!! 
It's a great party; and I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Signs of Spring

Happy Tuesday!! I was out back working around the patio and really noticed how nicely things are filling in. Spring is definitely in the air!!

This morning, I noticed how the jasmine, near the patio, has overtaken my fountain! We will definitely have to make some adjustments here...but, I can't wait for it to bloom!! The fragrance, when we're sitting out, will be wonderful!!!

The elephant ears are sprouting up, while the vinca vine is trailing everywhere!!!

The lamb's ears are thick and lush!!

And, I'm starting to see color!!!!  The clematis is starting to bloom and climb, while the Texas natives are in full bloom!

And my absolute favorites are the Knockout Roses.  All of the bushes are full of buds; and one has opened up!!

Yes, Spring is definitely in the air! I get so excited to see how much everything has grown since the previous year!! In just a few short weeks, the gardens will be so thick and lush. Nature truly paints some wonderful pictures!!

Thanks for stopping by today!! Have a good one!!

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Gracious Homes

Happy Monday, Everyone! I was in the grocery store today and made my usual trek down the magazine aisle. This beautiful cover caught my eye...

Southern Lady has issued a Special Edition magazine called, 
"Gracious Homes".

If you love to decorate, then this magazine is a must purchase! There are some gorgeous images; and if you love Southern style, this is the magazine for you!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!! The weather has been gorgeous here; and I have been busy sprucing up the patio area all weekend.  Today, I was finally able to get my container plants potted up. Pottery Barn's catalog had so many wonderful outdoor ideas; and I even ordered some new pillows from them.  Hopefully, I will have pictures to show you soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Refinishing Plastic Urns for Indoor Use

The weather is so nice out today, that I thought I would work on a small project. While I hate large paint projects, I love nothing more than to wield a paintbrush and put a new finish on things. I found these great classic urns that I thought would look nice flanking the kitchen sink. In my previous kitchen post, I had one plant in an urn, with a cherub on the other side. I couldn't find a matching urn for the other plant; and I really wanted a symmetrical look. So, I remembered that awhile back, I had grabbed two of these plastic urns, at the thrift store, for a few cents. I had stashed them away to spray paint and use on the covered patio.

The urns have great lines; but, a previous paint finish was evident and was starting to fade. And, they still "looked" so plastic. Well, I thought I had just the solution to my problem.  I reached into my trusty arsenal of metallic glazes and started swiping! This time, I found a jar of Elegant Finish Metallic Glaze in Renaissance Brown. It appears that I got it at Hobby Lobby.

I poured some onto a paper plate; and I used a large stipple brush to get into all of the crevices.

I love the final result and the bronze finish complements the other finishes in my home perfectly! All I had to do was drop the plants in and...Voila!...perfect!

I can't wait for the ivy to fill in and really trail over the urns!!

On another note...Last week, I noticed that my Christmas Cactus had buds. It is now March!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tuscan Spring Mantel

Happy Weekend, everyone!! I know it's been awhile since I've done a post; but, things have been super busy around here. That's just how life goes, sometimes. I was so surprised to see so many emails from my bloggy friends checking in on me! Thanks so much for caring!! The past few weeks have whizzed by so fast! My in-laws were all here to celebrate with us, as Dear Hubby was ordained a deacon at church! Then, my daughter's high school cheer squad went to Orlando for cheer competition...they won first place!! Yayyyyy!! THEN, this past week was Spring Break! Whew!!

Now that things have settled down around here, I am ready to jump into Spring. However, with such warm Tuscan colors in my decor, pastels just don't work in my home.  So, basically, for Spring, I just "tweak" my existing decor, without losing the "Tuscan flavor".  As always, the first thing I decorated was the mantel.  Gone are the large lanterns that have anchored the mantel since Fall. They have been replaced by large cream pillar candles on tall candlesticks. I kept the same floral arrangement; but, I removed all of the extra feathers and pinecones.  The flowers coordinate well with my existing decor; but to lighten it up a bit, I added artichokes and clusters of grapes in a bright green.  I kept the two long pheasant feathers and feathered balls for texture.


On the left side of the mantel, I used a green garden ornament. It symbolizes "hospitality" and welcomes our guests. It is elevated on two book boxes for height. I added two sweet, little birds that I got at Pier 1 Imports. They were $5 for the pair.

On the right side of the mantel, I used a large apothecary jar filled with green artichokes. It matches the one on the kitchen island. The bunny was another Pier 1 find. I got him for $3.95.

I also added a wrought iron garden finial to add some depth.

To complete the Spring theme, I added a cute little birds' nest, filled with speckled eggs, also from Pier 1... 

...And crystal votive holders for a little "Spring Bling". They look really pretty at night with the flicker of the tea lights. It's a nice alternative to using the fireplace. 

And that's my Spring mantel!!

***Update 3/19/2012: I was so excited to see my mantel on 
Pier 1's Pinterest page!! Thanks Pier 1!!!