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Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

Happy Friday! I hope you are excited for the weekend! Even though this post is about a DIY project that I am going to share with you... 

I also wanted to show you what I have been living with for the past few WEEKSAs I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, our girls are leaving for college this weekend. As many of you know, when it comes to sending the kids off to college, your home can become an 'explosion' of shopping bags, totes, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. 

Exhibit A...this used to be my home office! LOL!!!! 
(And this is only for one child!!)
The only thing that I still recognize is the area rug on the floor!
We've used this room as the "drop off" center, since it is closest to the garage. It will make loading up a bit easier. The refrigerators and microwaves are in the garage.

Okay, brace yourself...

And this is just a small portion of everything that is in the room!
(Fortunately, we can just close the french doors and no one sees the mess!)

Exhibit B...ONE of their bedrooms!
(And this is only one section...)

The girls leave on Sunday; and you know Monday morning, the house will be SPOTLESS!! Guaranteed! This is driving me absolutely insane! LOL!

Now, along with the endless shopping for dorm decor and clothes, the girls also enjoy crafting.  By now, many of you may have seen the numerous magnetic makeup boards circulating on Pinterest...

magnetic makeup board
via Pinterest

via Pinterest

 Inspired by the one above, my oldest daughter decided to make one for her dorm room. She still wants to add the mini chalkboards...

(My daughter's version)

They are really easy to make.  We bought a picture frame, magnets, and fabric from Hobby Lobby, all for 50% off.  Then, we went across the street, to Home Depot, for an inexpensive piece of sheet metal. The nice young men who worked there, took the time to cut it to our specifications. When we got home, my daughter simply covered the sheet metal with her fabric, placed it inside the frame, and backed it with heavy duty cardboard. She attached magnets to all of her cosmetics and stuck them to her board.
Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of each step. 
(I didn't think I would get around to blogging in all of this chaos!) 

My youngest daughter also got crafty and revamped this photo display board that we found at Hobby Lobby. It was already on sale for 50% off; but, it was missing many of the feathers around the perimeter. Additionally, several of the buttons were missing.  The store associates graciously reduced the price even more, due to the additional damages. We went back to the crafting section and purchased a feather boa of a different style; and bought replacement buttons to add a little bit of "bling". 
With her trusty hot glue gun in hand, my daughter tore off the original feathered trim, removed the 2 or 3 buttons that remained, and went to work!

This is her new display board!

I think both girls did a fantastic job; and they will have some fabulous additions to their dorm rooms!

Thanks so much for stopping by today; and I hope that you have a great weekend!!

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