Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mikasa en Mi Casa

As you know, I have been bitten by the thrifting bug; and Dear Hubby is right there with me! While traveling on business, he now makes it a point to stop in the nearest Goodwill, to search for treasures, to bring home to me. (Isn't that sweet?!) 

Last week, he came home with a bag and said, "I brought you a present".  I opened the bag to find this little treasure:

It is the Mikasa 'English Countryside' Napkin Holder.

Well, I was thrilled because I have always loved Mikasa's patterns: 'English Countryside',  'Italian Countryside', and 'French Countryside'! Even though they are categorized as fine china, they are all great basic white patterns that can be dressed up or dressed down.  I went online to see what this piece was going for, and found it on Replacements.com, for $59.99!  My dear sweet hubby got it for.....$1.99! LOL!!!

Well, I went on my weekly run to my local Goodwill THE VERY NEXT DAY; and as fate would have it, a family of resale dealers, was rummaging through the dinnerware. I heard one of the girls yell to her counterpart, "If you see more of the Mikasa, let me know!" So, being the savvy shopper that I am...(lol)...I pretended to be looking at other things, while watching them stack their dishes.  After a few minutes, for some reason, they put the dishes back and I grabbed them! Get this...it was more of the Mikasa 'English Countryside' pattern!!! (LOL...I can't make this stuff up!!) They had done my work for me!!!

I got these 5 bowls...

The MSRP online is $14.99-$21.50 each.
They cost me 79¢ each!!!

Then, I got 3 of the cups ...Unfortunately, a 4th one was chipped...

The MSRP is $21.50 each.
They cost me 59¢ each!!!

And, I was able to get one saucer...

The MSRP is $16.00
I got it for 59¢!!!

Needless to say, my new challenge is to build my Mikasa 'English Countryside' collection!  I will definitely be on the lookout for additional pieces!

After seeing so many great displays of white stoneware, on many of your blogs, I know what my first project will be, after the holidays. I want to switch out the china, in my glass front cabinets, to all white. I think this is a wonderful start to my display!

 I hope that I have inspired you to shop your local thrift stores for treasures. You just never know what you'll find.  I hope you have a great day; and Happy Thrifting!!

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  1. Timing in life is everything! Great finds at great prices. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xo

  2. Wow! You have the best luck finding things. I love the pattern on the English Country Side. I love the title of your post too. :0)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. Dang, girl, you are on a roll!....a *serious* roll of finding great things. Boy, did you luck out! I love the pattern and white goes with anything, and you can dress it up or down. Lucky! What a sweet hubby you have. Talk about being in sink with one another. He finds a great napkin holder and you find the matching dishes and cups. What were the chances of that happening? What great luck!! Well, enjoy your new lovely finds! xo L~iz

  4. Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  5. Good grief you have the man trained Shenita...sending Mr Tassels right over for thrifting 101!!!

    Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  6. SCORE!!! You are finding the best stuff! I need to go check out our goodwills and stuff for dishes. Everytime I've been in one I get flustered and leave lol I need to be more patient!

  7. Other than the smell of Goodwill stores (ALL that I have entered into) I LOVE the whole experience of finding things and making them nicer. Of course so many items don't even need TLC.

  8. This set is beautiful! I hope you find all the pieces! Sometimes you find the best treasures at Goodwill.

  9. I love the white too but still have Mikasa "Garden Harvest" and recently found two dinner plates to add to my collection at the Goodwill for $1.01 each. I also found about fifteen pieces of it at an estate sale for half price, about twelve dollars, one Saturday. Around here on Saturday the estate sales put everything but furniture half off on Saturday. If you keep looking I know you will find your white Mikasa. happy hunting ♥ olive

  10. I am amazed at the prices of the Goodwills in other areas. Our GW has started jacking up their prices and never have any sales. Great find! Keep looking, you may come across other pieces.

    Jocelyn @

  11. Wowee...that is a great score on such nice dishes. And to think your hubby started it! How sweet of him to go to the thrift stores for you.
    These are beautiful pieces.

  12. I love the lattice work on them. You scored big, even by Texas' standards. Hope you guys stay safe tonight, it looks like we could be in for a long ruff night.


  13. Goodness! I am THRILLED for you! Ever once in awhile I run across good deals such as this. It's THRILLING, isn't it?? I'm really excited for your finds!!

  14. I'm getting downright jealous! That's amazing! English Countryside is wonderful isn't it! I have the Italian Countryside but I also like the English Countryside. I'm busy filling my new dish closet and thrilled to see everything in one place now so I can make more sense of it all!!

  15. I love white dishes displayed together! that will look good in your china cabinet. Those are some pretty pieces you got. That sure was sweet of your husband to surprise you like that. You've got him trained well! Ha!

  16. Wow..what a great deal! Don't you love the Good Will??

  17. What a find! And I love that your husband checks Goodwill while travelling on business. That's awesome!

  18. Look at you, bargain hunter! Good finds! I love thrifting. Do you check out estate sales as well?

  19. Well.... I think your hubby is a keeper! How sweet of him. You sure got a heck of a treasure. Way to go ! From our home to yours Happy Thanksgiving. hugs ~lynne~

  20. Oh that was so sweet of your hubby! :0) What wonderful treasures you found and the price was great!

    Hope you and yours have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

  21. That is so thoughtful of your husband. I am so liking those bowls.

  22. I love your buys! Goodwill rocks. Columbus Ohio has some of the best thrifting stores around. http://georgie-hornpuddinnpie.blogspot.com/2011/11/weekly-winner-whoopy.html

  23. You scored big time! And thrifting is major fun. Happy I found your blogm it's gorgeous.

  24. Beautiful dishes! You can really never go wrong with white!! Great finds.