Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Thrill of the Hunt!

A couple of weeks ago, Dear Hubby and I did an impromptu stop into the SALVATION ARMY thrift store.  I did a post that showed you our fabulous finds.  I've always considered myself  a 'value' shopper...but, "thrifting" is relatively new to me. However, after the great finds we scored that day, I have to admit...


Having said that, I popped into the GOODWILL Thrift Store this time...and my, oh, my...the treasures I found!

Is this your style???

Well, have I got some treasures for you!! While I was in Goodwill, the shelves were being stocked continuously. I was carefully watching the stockers, and literally, grabbing things as fast as they hit the shelves. And now, you will see why!

This lovely pitcher...

With the great detail...

Originally came from...

Williams-Sonoma!!!  SCORE!!!!  It is Italian stoneware. After shopping, I came home to see what they had on their website that was comparable. They have a Pillivuyt Queen Anne white porcelain pitcher that retails for $99; and the other stoneware pitchers begin at $55.  I got this lovely beauty for the LOW, LOW, price of....................$2.99!!

Next up, is this lovely serving bowl...

The lid has such graceful details.  I took this beauty home for $2.99!

I also saw these cute salt and pepper shakers...

Aren't they pretty?? I just love embossed items! These were also $2.99!

I fell in love with this next item, as soon as I saw it!

This great crackled finish bowl had such great distressed touches!  Can't you see it filled with dried hydrangeas??

This beauty came home with me for $3.99!

Finally, my favorite piece from Goodwill, perfect for Thanksgiving, is this large embossed turkey serving platter!! Look at the great rope detail around the edge!!

Isn't he great?!

It, too, is etched on the back...Made in Italy. (I wish you could feel how heavy this stoneware is!) "Tom Turkey" went home with me for $7.99!

This past weekend, we made a trip to Louisiana, to visit my daughter in college. While there, we couldn't resist stopping at a local flea market. If roosters are your thing, I've got some finds for you!

I found this set of roosters sitting on a dining table, as a part of the display. They are ceramic canisters and have a few small chips...but nothing I can't touch up with my trusty craft paints.  (I also just got a great tip from a follower...spray paint them white; and add them to the "white collection".)They were not tagged; so, I asked the owner how much they were? He said, "Do you want all three?"  And before I could answer, he smiled and said, "If you'll take all three off my hands.............$2 each!!"  SOLD!!!  They could be a cute accent on the countertop, on a shelf in a vignette; or displayed above the kitchen cabinets.

Dear Hubby and I had been going from station to station, when he spotted this wall hanging lying on the floor...................behind some shelves.........................................waaaayyyy back in a corner. (Man, he's got great eyes!!) We asked the owner about it; and he didn't even realize it was back there! He laughed and said,  "It must have fallen off the wall!" We all looked up; and there was a random hanger there. With some effort, he managed to dig it out. This is what it was:

It was a large metal wall hanging, measuring 35" tall x 20.5" wide, in perfect condition!!  I had to lay it on the floor, to capture all of the details.  The owner was so tickled that we found it, he sold it to us for $7!

Along the way, I picked up some "just because" pieces... like this copper rooster for $2.99!  I can see him hanging on the pot rack, with my copper pots:

There was also this plastic medallion, for 99¢ designed to be hung on the wall...

I liked all of the scroll details, but the gold was a bit too shiny for me. So, I used a couple of coats of Krylon hammered finish spray paint, that I had in my paint cabinet, and got this:

(This is the base color.)
Later today, I will take my mocha and bronze glazes and add some depth to it, especially in the crevices. I think it will work well with my decor!  

I also found this finial for $3.99!

(I'll add some glaze to this piece, as well, to take the shiny gold down a bit........easy fix!)

Across the way, we saw cardboard boxes filled with flatware and random serving pieces...just a mishmash of stuff! Dear Hubby starts rummaging through the boxes and from the very bottom, pulls out these ugly, tarnished, silver serving pieces.

Although they were badly tarnished, I noticed the great detail on the handles...even with some old polish still in the crevices...

And the pretty pattern on the pie server and serving spatula...

Well, after a few minutes with my faithful silver polish, this is what I ended up with:

The detail is just exquisite!

And the handles are gorgeous!

If you look at the 'before' picture, you'll notice the pasta server was, literally, BLACK, with tarnish!!!

I was so thrilled; I did a happy dance right there in the kitchen! Originally, the pie server and serving spoon were taped together for $6...however, Dear Hubby found the two additional serving pieces in the box, with matching handles; and the owner sold us all four pieces of silver for $6!

Finally, after one last trek through the market, I saw these great dessert plates, in perfect condition:

Look at the great rope detail around the center and the pretty details around the perimeter:

I turned it over and it says...

They're from Southern Living!  I got them for $1 per plate!

Whew!  Well, that concludes my thrift finds for this week!  It was a blast finding so many great pieces again! I don't think I want to ever shop retail again!! LOL!!  It just proves the old adage that one man's junk, can become another man's treasure!  Be sure to stop by my previous post, "Is It Soup, Yet?", to see my previous thrifty finds incorporated into the tablesetting.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today; and Happy Thrifting!!

Verse of the Day:
This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.     Psalm 118:24  (NIV)

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  1. whew, what a fabulous haul. Love it all!!!

  2. Girlfriend, if you lived closer we would have so much fun hitting the thrift stores together. Where I live St. Vincent de Paul has better prices than Goodwill and their stores smell better. I have a sensitive nose.:)Great treasures.

  3. The serving pieces are my fave! At Estate sales I am always looking for the utensil box/drawer/cupboard. I think we go into these places looking for certain things and it keeps us from seeing others. Jim ALWAYS sees something that makes me say "How did I miss it?" Thanks for sharing!

  4. You got some amazing deals this week! I love the silver serving pieces. I see a lovely Thanksgiving table setting with that wonderful turkey platter. What a great item to find with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Lucky!
    Way to shop, girl!

  5. Okay, I want to go shopping with you!! What great bargains. The Goodwills in our area are hiking up the prices. Everything that used to be $1, are now $3, and $3 items are not $7 or $8!!! It sure makes it harder for find a nice bargain. Great score!!

    Jocelyn @

  6. I definitely need to go thrifting with you! What great finds! The serving pieces are amazing, you really made them look brand new!

  7. You really racked up, my friend! I found a silver server exactly like that at the thrift store as well and I use it all the time. I'm SO excited! I'm getting granite installed today! Shhhhhh, don't tell, though. I called in sick. :)

  8. Thanks for following App Savvy Mama, now following back! Looking forward to reading daily!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. Oh my! I'm so jealous!!! I too, was a retail value shopper until one day I decided to go into Goodwill! It is VERY addicting! I'm now a Goodwillaholic and can't stop! They have some amazing things and you certainly found the cream of the crop. Now that you've shoved all of this in my face...I'm going to Goodwill today! They actually know me in there now. What can I say?!

  10. And me to the "jealous" list. ;) My goodness, you found a lot of wonderful items. I am in love with your metal Rooster item, you certainly scored! I love all the Rooster pieces, and the plates....so pretty!!

    I'm all about the trill of the hunt, too! Great job! XO ~Liz

  11. Wow! What a fabulous haul you made! I love everything; the roosters, the pitcher, the plates, but my fav has got to be the silver pieces! They are truly gorgeous! What a steal you got on those, good for you! I enjoyed peeking at all your treasures. I would love to have places like that here. Thanks for sharing and enjoy. Wishing you a delightful day.


  12. Love, love, love everything that you got! You scored for sure!! I love it all! What did you use to polish your silver? My mother in law left alot of stuff here that I don't think she really wants so I will be happy to take it off her hands but it needs some polishing. Let me know! :)

  13. Oh, yeah! Score War Victory! That's what I'm talkin' about!

  14. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I popped over to check yours out and I am *astounded* by your awesome finds! I've followed you as well. :)

  15. I must say. Hands down! Two thumbs up! These are great finds!


  16. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your great Treasures sweet lady.
    You did a fabulous haul with the roosters and other finds !!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Halloween Tablescape. so sweet of you !!!
    XXOO Diane

  17. Wow! What great finds. I love them all!

  18. Love all things white. Great job, I bet you had so much fun finding all of the items. I found the exact same rooster with many dings and chips and spray painted him heirloom white, and it turned out lovely. Now he sits above our cabinets. I am also in love with the framed rooster (mostly the frame) as I am on a scrolly frame kick right now. Love all of your special touches that you add to your vignettes - beautiful!

  19. Ok where do you live LOL? You scored big time. I love salvation army too, we do not have one close though. Love your fun finds,and you can't beat the prices.

  20. Hello Shenita! So wonderful to find your blog! Thanks for becoming my latest follower - I'm following you too now! These are great finds! Wish I lived in Texas so we could shop together!

  21. Hi Shenita,
    Love the finds, I love thrift store shopping.

  22. Everything you found is fabulous!! You had a great day.The thrift store is my very favorite place to go!


  23. Hey there new friend! Thanks so much for stopping by and for following! I am following you back! :) I can see we have MUCH in common! Can't wait to explore your blog further. What fantastic finds you found. We have the same style and interest!! :)


  24. Amazing finds, Shenita! I love the white classic white dishes and the beautiful silverware.
    Have a lovely day!
    ~ Wendi ~

  25. Shenita!!! Not fair, not fair!! I cannot believe what you found!! I am so jealous I cannot get anything like that around here, and if I could it would be ridiculously priced. Fabulous--all of it!! Not sure what I like best but maybe the serving pieces.

  26. You found some wonderful buys...I think have figured out thrifting is very addictive!

  27. Wow...Outstanding finds...what a deal....I am envious. I never find anything that good at our local Goodwill store. There is always hope. Love the pitcher, bowl and in fact...everything is wonderful. Congrats on your lovely finds.

  28. You sure did find alot of great deals!! I especially like the white dishes. The Goodwill near me is not very good, so I hardly ever go in there. Looks like yours is much better.

  29. Wow, lucky lady! You found some great things. I just love all the white ware -- it's so elegant looking. Now you've got my feet itching to run over to our GW store & check it out!
    :) CAS

  30. Shenita, one day I want to go shopping with you! You have the eye, the magic touch, whatever it is! Beautiful things and the prices are unbelievable!! xo

  31. Wow, you really found tons of great treasures!

  32. Hi Shenita...

    Ohhh my goodness...Girl, you hit the "mother-lode"! Hehe! Seriously though...I love each and every piece! Especially all your whites! If I had seen them, they would have gone home with me too! You certainly got some great bargains on everything! I'm just tickled pink for you, dear friend! Thanks for sharing your new treasure finds with us...I think I drooled all over my keyboard! Hehe!

    Love ya,

  33. Oh my word - I need to come shopping with you!!!!

  34. I love the roosters. They are my thing. I agree that you should paint them white and add them to your white collection!

  35. Wow you must have shopped at the Salvation Army for the rich and famous!! LOL!! Ours is more like Ma and Pa Kettle! You sure scored on those white pieces! Great job! Your silver pieces are beautiful! What a nice treasure trove you found!

  36. Once again you did an awesome job thrifting. I just love looking through the things that other people find!

  37. Wow you hit the jackpot with your find! Like the roosters as they are, chippy and all. Laura Cottage and Broome

  38. I need to move! What great finds! They are all beautiful!Thanks for sharing,Joann

  39. I love your copper roster! Good deal!

  40. you definitely have the Thrift Shop Amazing Finds Touch :) thanks for stoppin' by #17...I'm off to look around your place :) and to hit the "join" button :)

  41. You hit the mother lode at GW. We used to get really nice things at ours but then it got quite popular and now it's slim pickins'. I'm so glad you found so many great treasures. The flea markets was great too. Thanks for stopping by.

  42. After your post about the great items you found at the Salvation Army I was inspired to check out our local Goodwill. I found nothing :(
    but my daughter, a photographer, found an antique camera to add to her collection for just 3.93! I have been reinspired by your latest finds and will be hitting the local shops again! The paint on the gold wall hanging impressed me! what a great change!!!

  43. Awesome finds!! You also have a great sense of style...totally love what you've done with it all! Thanks for the sweet comment and for following me, I'm now your newest follower too!

  44. Shenita! I need to shop with you - what awesome finds. Love, love, love everything you brought home with you~

  45. Shenita, what wonderful finds. You need to come with me. Wow, are you lucky or what?

    Love all your sweet pictures.

    Barb ♥

  46. I can see why you are addicted. It's so hit or miss with Goodwill and some other thrift stores. I love the things you got and the ones you have already transformed. Keep showing us your great finds. I really enjoy seeing them.

    Robin Flies South

  47. Call me up. I will go to GW with you to find some of that white stoneware. Great finds!

  48. wow! those are some amazing finds! my fave flea market closed and i haven't found anywhere that has good deals soon! thanks for stopping by the other day! following you now too!

    andie @ crayonfreckles

  49. OHMYGOODNESS ... that's *it* ... I'm going shopping with you and your hubby! You score the best finds! I can't believe the Williams Sonoma pitcher ... the soup tureen ... the gorgeous medallions and roosters (the rooster art is fabulous). Because of YOU, I'm going back to our Good Will today to see if they have any treasures like that! Can't wait to see where you place everything.

  50. WOW!!

    You did incredibly well with all of your new found treasures!!
    I LOVE everything that you bought.
    Great deals too!!

    So I see the thrifting bug has bitten you??? LOL!!
    Beleive me, it becomes an addiction!! LOL!!


  51. Oh my, you lucky girl! I knew I would be jealous when I saw your comment about your finds! I love all of the white, but I love, love, love the rooster finds! What great things you have found. Great job!

  52. Amazing finds! I am always on the hunt for something unique - I have a lot of yellow going on in the house right now.

    I came by to give you a little blog award ...

  53. I included this post in today's blog! Go check it out!


  54. Shenita, you hit the Jackpot!! What amazing finds! I LOVE the white crackled bowl and I've always been a fan of copper but it is all totally amazing. Keep up the treasure hunting. I thought I had followed you back but definitely am now! Can't wait to see what else you find. I'm working on my basement post right now but will have more thrifty treasures to show soon =)

  55. You have a great eye. I've always been a thrifty shopper. Welcome to the club. lol Wish you could come along with me sometime. We'd have a blast. You made some fantastic finds.

  56. Wow I have never found so many good things at any kind of thrift store...you found the mother load!! I love the crackle bowl that you found!

  57. Wow! Awesome finds! I can definitely learn a lot of thrifty tricks from you :)

  58. WOW! What great finds!!! I have had NO luck at Goodwill in like two months. I especially love the iron rooster picture.

  59. Man! What a shopping trip! Love everything you've found!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  60. Those are fantastic finds - and I shop Goodwill all the time. I think my favorites are the pitcher and that last medallion to hang after you worked your magic.

  61. Those are BEYOND major scored lady!! I need to go junking with you at Goodwill! I was gonna pic a fave but they are all soo fabulous.

  62. Wow! Wow! Wow! You have an eye for such beautiful things. Your home must look so great. I love everything displayed and this bird enthusiast is thrilled to also see some things featuring birds!:) Take care and have a wonderful Thursday.

  63. Stop it! You are making me so jealous :) For a late starter when it comes to thrifting, you have made up for lost time - wow, wow, wow!!! Good for you, can't wait to see what you find next week :)

  64. you did a great job..of kissings all the "frogs" at GW. i love going to GW and kissing the frogs, just to find a treasure or two. going to GW is my therapy!! :)

  65. My favorite are the silver serving pieces you bought!! love them

  66. Oh, I love your finds! Isn 't it exciting? I like to shop thrift stores, but we don't have room for our finds! Haha! I am blog hopping & following you from Katherine's Corner. Pls follow back. Growing Old With Grace http://growing-old-with-grace.blogspot.com/

  67. Geez, I gotta go out thrifting more!!! Those are awesome finds!!

    Ps. Thanks for stopping in! I'm glad to have seen your blog! I must add it to my must reads!! =)

  68. You've got some great finds there! I love the stoneware and the sweet rooster picture! How cute is he? Thrifting is so much fun;I love to go to Goodwill and pick up things for cheap. I find lots of great table linens there often, as well. Love the silver serving pieces too! I'd kill to find a silver spaghetti hook!

  69. I love the porcelain finds! Thanks for stopping by Kristin's kNook. I'm a new follower :)

  70. Uh oh, look out! Another addict! Seriously, what amazing finds and really great prices! I'm a huge fan of mismatched white ironstone and china pieces. And your silver! Great job finding AND polishing it!

  71. Wow! that's all I can say! You scored big time! I love the crackled finish bowl and the hanging rooster platter, and well all of it! I just posted a thrifty finds piece too about decorating for the seasons 2nd hand. Looks like we have some things in common.

  72. WoW! i'm totally blown away, you found some killer deals! i think i'm giong to start keeping my eyes open for some neat finds over here! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower im following back!


  73. Jackpot! What incredible finds!

    New follower via chic on a shoestring - stop by and visit! We hope you'll follow back.

    Kyra @ www.caramelpotatoes.com

  74. Wow! You really hit the jackpot with this haul of fabulous thrifted treasures! I love them all and would have bought them as well! Wonderful! Thank your for joining TTF and have a fantastic weekend!

  75. I know I commented on your post earlier today with reagrds to your party post but, these white pieces you found wow! Great finds!!! Still looking around . . .

  76. Wow! Texas has awesome Goodwill stores and you have great taste! Beautiful pieces!

  77. Fabulous finds! You really scored big! Thanks for sharing!

  78. Ok stop you have seriously hit the jackpot I love the white stoneware pieces!

  79. Love this! I can't wait to see what you find next! Thank you so much for sharing this at the "Meet Me Monday" linky party! Love, Me www.youaretalkingtoomuch.com

  80. yep totally jealous!!! love all the white stuff! great finds.

  81. Well, my darling... I just love all of your finds! I know your busy Shenita, but I was wondering what silver polish you use? I have some badly tarnished pieces from thrifting that I cannot seem to get clean. They are almost black as your serving pieces were. I just cant believe how sparkly yours came out. I'd appreciate it greatly if you could share the name of the polish!

  82. Holy Canoli, girl, you found some TREASURES!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous! And the fact that your DH would actually LOOK for stuff for you puts it iover the top!!!! I actually have the same pie server and spatula! Use them often and love them! I can't believe how close we are to CHRISTMAS!!!! XO, Pinky

  83. Hi Shenita ! I'm a follower. Love to see everything you thrift. For some reason I just got this post in today's email, 12/12. But I had to go back and find it on your older blog entries so I could make a comment. I cannot believe that your Goodwill has such good prices ! The ones I go to in San Antonio usually have an area called Julia's Attic where this type of item is located. The prices are WAY TOO HIGH for these things. Like your platter...would have been $19.99. It's ridiculous ! Some things are not good quality, or vintage, at all, and they put high prices on them. I'm not really sure why, but you just can't afford even Goodwill anymore. Would love to know which city you're shopping in. Good findings though ! I would have bought those lovelies, too !

  84. Shenita...great finds!!..Congrats! Christmas came early!