Sunday, October 30, 2011

P.r.o.j.e.c.t. P.i.n.k.

In lieu of today's usual post, I am uniting with other bloggers and painting my blog pink today, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Today's post is a repost of a tribute that I did to my mother on 10/3/11:

As we all know, October has been designated as "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". My beloved mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50 and passed away from the disease on Palm Sunday, April 9, 1995 at the age of 58. With no family history of the disease, it just goes to show that ANYONE can be affected. 

After seeing so many inspirational posts out in blogland, over the weekend, I decided that, this week, I would do a tablescape in honor of my dear mother. This table features a photo of her and some of her personal items that I love.

I started this setting with my own wedding china and crystal. Mom's advice to me: "Get a basic white pattern that is versatile. And don't pick out the most expensive china in the store. Remember to consider what others would like to spend." LOL! Guess what? Mom was right! Not only did I receive EVERYTHING on my registry, I received extras!!! My china pattern was 'Wedding Band', by Mikasa. The crystal is 'Bretagne' by Durand. The gold flatware was mom's.

Mom had a great collection of vintage demitasse cups; but, I chose these for this post:

This is my favorite photo of my mother from her first year as a school teacher. She taught 11th grade English and served as the school's librarian. If you notice, in the bottom right hand corner, this was signed to my Dad, while he was still her boyfriend. (smile)

A small collection of her brooches and pins.  I wear these occasionally:

Her pearls...I love wearing these...classic:

This was our family bible...I leave it open to her favorite passage, Proverbs 3:5-6...

Ladies, the clock is ticking. We MUST find a cure for this vile disease! Please support your local fundraisers for breast cancer research...our own lives depend on it!

Verse for today:
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.  Proverbs 31:10

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  1. Your lovely tribute to your mom is touching and beautiful, and such a gracious way to honor her memory.
    ~ Wendi ~ xo

  2. What an amazing post and a beautiful tribute to your mother. I lost my only sister to breast cancer 5 years ago. She was 47. I know the personal heartbreak of breast cancer as you do.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful mom. The tablescape is great and I love how you have all of her things around. Beautiful way to honor her memory.

  4. Hi Shenita..thanks for stopping by and for the follow. I am following you back of course. What a beautiful, moving tribute to your beautiful mother. I loved reading every bit of it (I volunteer at the school that she was a teacher and school librarian really got to me). Your collections are gorgeous. I also chose a simple white pattern for my wedding china (Noritake Sterling Cove) and I still love it 22 years later!

  5. Beautiful tribute to your Mom. I have had 3 friends in the last year beat breast cancer. I love the commercial they are running now, about the date that breast cancer will be gone, I belived it is 01-01-14.

  6. Your love and connection comes through in the beautiful tablescape and the memories you shared. TY!

  7. what a precious tribute to your mother. I can see she taught you how to be a true lady :)

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your lovely mother!

  9. Such a touching post. This tribute to your mother truly brings tears to my eyes. I agree that we must find a cure for this insidious disease. I linked-up, too! :D