Wednesday, June 22, 2016

~Deals, Steals and Thrills~

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Yesterday was the day for deals, steals, and thrills! A couple of posts back, I shared that my oldest daughter is moving back to the area; and I will be helping her decorate her new place. She has been here for the past couple of days; and we have been shopping for accessories for her new apartment. Her design style is very similar to this...contemporary and glam. This photo was taken at ZGallerie.

Our first stop was I.O. Metro Outlet. (It is now called, Erdos At Home.) We were in search of counter stools and accent tables. These were the first stools that we saw...

A couple of stores down, we saw this one...

We also saw one table that would fit into our design plan...

Our next stop was Hobby Lobby. We are planning to use a mix of metals; and Hobby Lobby has most of their accessories on sale this week. We knew that they had quite a selection of gold items. We came away with a couple of good deals.
First, my daughter bought this lamp @ 50% off. The regular price was $89.99; but, at 50% off, it was $45. The finial was on the clearance rack for $8.00.

However, our true steal of the day, also found at Hobby Lobby, was this decorative sphere. My daughter saw one almost identical to this at our favorite store, ZGallerie. It retails for $29.95.  We found this one randomly in the store, without a tag, and inquired about the price.  An associate informed us that it came from the clearance section (where everything was 80% off). She said it was originally about $15.99. She took it to the back and put a clearance sticker on it. She marked it down to $3.39!!!! SOLD!!!!!

Our next stop was at another favorite, HomeGoods. My daughter loves this coffee table vignette at ZGallerie, with the cluster of gold and white accents. 

While accessories at ZGallerie can be a bit pricey, when you are shopping for multiple items, HomeGoods had everything that we needed, at a fraction of the cost.
These six items ranged in price from about $7.00 to $14.99.

She also found this tray at HomeGoods...

We loved the black mirrored inset...

Our final stop was at our favorite store...ZGallerie. If you are looking for modern, glam inspiration, this is the place!!

Of course, we came home with a couple of these pillows!

My daughter also loves the big, white floral stems. I think we're going back for more...

This mirrored console is on the "maybe" list...

As well as this bar cart...

We were also admiring this tray...

Her final purchase was the "White Branch Tree In A Pot". This will be her statement piece on the large kitchen island.


The branches are set in a box of white stones...

We'll be mixing in some white accent pieces; so, this will be perfect.

We are still in the market for the right coffee table and end tables...and a washer and dryer. The seating has already been purchased for the living room, along with a large area rug. We also have the bedroom furniture. So, we are making great progress!

I hope you'll continue to follow us on this journey, as we get closer to the finish line!

Thanks so much for stopping by; and have a great day!

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Monday, June 13, 2016

~My Spring/Summer Essentials~

For Spring and Summer, many of us start to make changes in our homes to reflect the season. It may be something as simple as changing out pillows, heavy throws, bedding, curtains and home accessories, for something lighter. For others, it may be the time to tackle major home improvements. For me, it's all about the simple things; and today, I thought that I would share some of my Spring/Summer Essentials.

1. Fresh flowers… Fresh flowers add such a lovely touch to the home. Ideally, it is nice to bring in cuttings from the garden. However, not everyone has a green thumb. That’s when grocery stores, or places like Trader Joe’s, can come in handy! You can score some really economical bouquets on your next grocery run. My favorites for spring/summer are hydrangeas.

     2. Scented candles…I love candles year 'round, especially seasonal scents. I burn candles daily; and they create such a wonderful ambiance.  In the Spring and Summer, I like to use anything that has a light, clean, fresh scent or anything citrusy. And don’t forget your outdoor spaces. I keep a selection of scented candles meant for outdoor use, as well. It makes relaxing outside even more enjoyable! My favorite jar candles for summer have always been the Jo Malone "Wild Fig and Cassis" and the "Grapefruit" candle by Nest.

For more economical candles to burn daily, I love the 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Works. They burn evenly and have a great "throw". My favorites this season have been, "Tiki Beach", "Beautiful Day" and "Endless Weekend". They run various sales frequently; and it can be a good time to stock up on your favorite scents.

via Bath & Body Works

  3. Fresh Herbs…Fresh herbs are a great addition to your garden space, even if they are contained in pots. My favorites are rosemary and mint.  We have 2 large rosemary plants on both sides of the front entrance. When our guests brush against them, they always comment on how good they smell. It is so convenient to pull a small sprig of rosemary and add it to a dish baking in the oven. It pairs well with fish or chicken. It makes the whole house smell so good.  

You can also make a great, all-natural, simmering potpourri. Just take a few sprigs of rosemary, slice one lemon or orange (or both), add a tablespoon of vanilla; and simmer, in a small pot, on low. I start out on the highest setting, to get a good boil going. This quickly gets the fragrance in the air. Then, I reduce the heat, to its lowest setting, to simmer. 
(Just be sure to add more water, as it evaporates.) 
It makes the house smell great! 

Mint has also been one of my favorites since childhood. I keep a large pot near the patio door. (It can be pretty invasive if planted in the ground.)

As a child, my favorite “chore” was gathering a few sprigs to put in the glasses of iced tea. It makes such a pretty addition to any of your summer beverages.

4. Fresh fruit and vegetables…’Tis the season for some of the freshest fruit and vegetables that you can get. Dear Hubby has a raised garden tucked away on the east side of the house that keeps us supplied with a variety of fresh veggies. He usually has an overabundance of bell peppers and fresh tomatoes! 

Place fresh produce in decorative bowls, on the kitchen counter, for a touch of summer color. Not only is it pretty to look at, it is a constant reminder to get your daily intake!

       5. A mortar and pestle set…This one may sound a bit offbeat; but it really comes in handy! Tip No. 3 mentioned using fresh herbs. Well, the mortar and pestle come in handy for muddling your herbs and fresh berries for those summer drinks. It really helps to bring out the flavors. I picked one up at Williams-Sonoma for about $12.

via Williams-Sonoma

         6. Summery Tableware…I like to keep an assortment of melamine dinnerware and acrylic tumblers/goblets, specifically for outdoor use. Paired with colorful napkins and placemats, they bring your outdoor settings to life!  There is no need to worry about breakage, if they are accidentally tipped over.  You can find a great selection of colors and patterns at places like Pier One and Cost Plus World Market.

via Pier 1

Friday, June 10, 2016

~Starting Anew~

Wow, it's so hard to believe that it's been a year since my last post! I have enjoyed some much needed time away from the blog; and things have been very hectic over the past year. Our oldest daughter graduated from college in August, and has been working as a Critical Care Nurse in Louisiana. Our youngest daughter will be graduating in December, and will also be working as a Registered Nurse. I think her specialization of choice will be Med Surg.

Happily, Daughter #1 is preparing to move back to Texas, next month, to begin her dream job in ICU! I have been given free reign to decorate her new place for her; and she has a very keen sense of style that's all her own. We have been busy shopping for things for her new apartment; and it is so exciting to see her purchasing furniture and accessories, WITH HER OWN!!!! Her new place will be very "Glam and Chic".

Here are a few photos of the decorated, one bedroom model that she snapped with her iPhone. She will have the same floorplan and amenities.

The living area...

The kitchen...

The kitchen is very spacious with lots of storage, a large island, granite countertops, wood floors and stainless steel appliances. My daughter loves to cook and entertain, so this is perfect for her!

The bedroom...

She has already purchased a tufted headboard; so, I can definitely see the possibilities with this room.

Another view of the bedroom and walk-in closet...

Looking into the bathroom from the bedroom...

Love the wood floors throughout and granite countertops... 

These luxury apartments are brand new with standard amenities, such as, wood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, contemporary lighting and full-sized washer and dryer connections. I think my daughter will be quite happy here!

I hope you'll follow along as we furnish and decorate her new place!

Thanks so much to all of you who have emailed to check on me!!
I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!

Thanks so much for stopping by! 
Have a great day!!!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

~Come With Me To Savannah~

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend! Dear Hubby and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a romantic trip to Savannah. While Charleston is my all-time favorite city, Savannah ranks a close second.  I love the moss-covered trees!

Yesterday, we decided to take an early morning stroll around the historic district. Jones Street was my favorite. The weather was sunny and mild; and the area was very serene. I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures with you. 

This was the very first courtyard that we saw. We got lots of great ideas from this one! I loved all of the boxwood plants, along with the potted flowers. The jasmine was trained on an iron trellis above the doorway.

Even the large crepe myrtles were draped in moss! The fountain was so soothing.

I loved the iron gate on this little side entry...

I was also enamored with all of the red doors that I saw...

Here's another one...

And another...I am seriously thinking about changing my black door to red!

We also took a stroll to Forsyth Park. There was a cool breeze blowing and plenty of places to picnic. 

It was so romantic to stroll beneath the moss covered trees. (Wouldn't this be a beautiful place for a wedding?)

The Forsyth Park Fountain was the main attraction...

The Forsyth Park Inn was just across the street.

The neighboring homes were charming, as well.

We also visited a lot of the boutiques in the area. There were so many pretty things to see (and buy). But, since we are making some changes to our courtyard area this year, it's the gardens that really have me captivated.

I can't wait to get out tomorrow to see more of the city!
Hope you're having a great holiday weekend!